Issues Affecting Ward 1

Affordable Housing

Everyone that lives in Greeley knows about the sharp rise we have seen in housing prices. For most people, housing is their single largest expense, and with prices rising at an unsustainable rate, that has created a unique challenge for far too many of our residents. Part of that is unavoidable in a growing city, but we need to address rising prices now, so we can avoid pricing out long-time residents as well as first-time home buyers. We need to increase funding for affordable housing programs that are already working in Greeley like the G-Hope program and look toward new state grant programs and zoning changes to make sure people can continue to afford to live here.

Strong Schools

It is incredibly important that we have strong schools. Every student’s education is important. Education funding is also an important economic driver. We have to fund public education in Greeley because our children deserve it. I have volunteered on several school funding campaigns in the past, and I have always been an advocate for public education. That’s why I am a proud supporter of 4C, which will rebuild Madison Elementary and provided much-needed maintenance and repairs to nearly a dozen other schools in Ward 1. 

Council Meeting Reform

Everyday people like you and me deserve to have a voice in their local government. Right now, our Council Meetings are not built to facilitate that for all of our residents. There are three main reforms we need to give working people the ability to be involved. Council work sessions start at 5 PM. For people that work for a living, that means that most of us would have to miss those meetings. We should start meetings later. We also have an incredibly diverse community. For those of us where English is a second language, we should offer translation assistance. We also have many families with young children in Greeley. Not having a babysitter on a Tuesday night shouldn’t hold anyone back from participating in our Democracy. We should partner with local non-profits to add child care to meetings free of charge to parents. 

Roads and Sidewalks

When we plan for our future, that doesn’t mean we forget about basics like roads and sidewalks. The Keep Greeley moving Program has started to replace some roads and sidewalks on the East side of Greeley, but there has to be a more equitable way to allocate resources. There are neighborhoods in Ward 1 that simply do not have adequate sidewalks, where children that want to walk to the park have to walk in the street. That is unacceptable. We need streets and sidewalks that are safe and accessible, but more importantly, we need leaders that will fight to prioritize and advocate for those basics in the budget process.

Municipal Broadband

We need to plan for our future. In the next few years, the City Council will consider its options in regards to municipal broadband—broadband internet that will be owned by the people of Greeley. We need leaders that see the importance of growing this important infrastructure. Municipal broadband will lead to greater competition in local internet markets, and the places across Colorado that have done this already have seen lower prices and faster speeds. Those lower prices and faster speeds will attract more jobs and new industries to Greeley.

Accessibility and Representation

Greeley needs leaders that are willing and ready to tackle our challenges. From working on the Obama Campaign to the many years I have spent working at non-profits, I have seen the importance of listening to what is affecting people in their everyday lives. Whether you agree or disagree with me, I will always be willing to talk about new ideas and solutions.

I will gladly host monthly town hall meetings to make sure every person in Ward 1 has the opportunity to be heard and the opportunity for real representation.

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I'm proud to be endorsed by these community leaders and organizations

  • Colorado State Treasurer Dave Young
  • HD-50 Representative Dr. Mary Young
  • Greeley-Evans School District 6 Board Member Terri Pappas
  • Weld County Public Trustee Susie Velasquez
  • Colorado Working Families Party
  • Greeley Fire Fighters Union, Local 888

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